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Ratings (explained)
Following are the descriptors for the ratings used by adjudicators to assess the performances, which are compiled to form the “Final Score”. More complete information about the performance may be gained by reviewing the adjudicators’ taped commentary and/or the written comment sheets.

SUPERIOR – This rating reflects the finest conceivable performance for the event and class of participants being evaluated – worthy of the distinction of being recognized as among the very best.

EXCELLENT – This rating reflects an unusually high level of performance in many respects, but one not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects. Yet it is a performance of distinctive quality. The ensemble receiving this rating usually shows the results of sound fundamental training, but the performance lacks the polish and finesse to qualify for a Superior rating.

GOOD – This rating is awarded for a good performance, but one that is not outstanding. It shows accomplishment and marked promise and potential, but is lacking in one or more essential qualities.

FAIR – This rating describes a performance that shows obvious weaknesses. These MAY reflect instrumentation problems or lack of rehearsal time, but generally represents a performance that is weak or uncertain – containing numerous errors, and revealing basic flaws in most of the fundamental factors.

POOR – This rating indicates a performance that reveals much room for improvement. The director of such a group should evaluate his/her methods of teaching and compare them to those of directors who achieve higher ratings with their bands.


Music Performance Assessment

An MPA is a major assessment event for secondary music programs in which a musical performance is evaluated on specific criteria. The assessments are held annually for marching bands, concert large ensembles (band, chorus, orchestra), and solos-ensembles. Together with other criteria (see Models and Tools, a .pdf document), the music performance assessments may give a significant measure of the success of a music program on a campus. Assessments are held on a district (local area) and state levels for high school performing groups. There is no state level assessment for middle schools.

2007-2008 MPA Schedule

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